Envision.js Dynamic Interactive HTML5 Visualizations
Envision.js is a library for building fast, dynamic, interactive HTML5 visualizations.
Flotr2 A modern graphing library for Canvas written in JavaScript.


  • mobile support
  • framework independent
  • lines, bars, bubbles and more
  • extensible plugin framework
  • FF, Chrome, IE6+
HumbleFinance Project: HumbleFinance Dynamic charts with HTML5, Canvas, and Flotr for Prototype. HumbleFinance is an OpenSource project which can display two 2-D numeric datasets sharing an axis.
Move My Taxes Project: Move My Taxes Move My Taxes was created for the Data Viz Challenge.
js-imagediff Sample image diff. A JS / Canvas imagediff utilitity. Brings image diff to the browser and Canvas unit testing to Jasmine.
HelloReddit Project: HelloReddit A mobile BlackBerry app for browsing Reddit. It is OpenSource and written in Java.